Why Compost

Why Compost?

Full Plates vs. Full Garbage Dumps

In 2009, a waste study report showed that 10,000 tons of food scraps head to our local landfill every year. These scraps if composted could produce more than 12 tons of nutrient rich fertilizer for local farms. Instead, trapped in landfills, they are releasing more than 15 tons of methane into the atmosphere. The local government is aware of the growing need for residential compost collection–as reported in this recent Goodtimes article: Compost: Recycling’s Last Frontier)–but the article claims that the county is still years away from finding a solution and states that “…the more locally you can close the cycle the better…” Santa Cruz Compost Co. can get you started NOW! We believe that compostables are a valuable resource and that our local, small-scale operation is the first step towards a more sustainable food system in Santa Cruz. By taking your compostables directly from table to farm, our bike-powered compost collection service transforms a wasteful, resource-consuming system into a sustainable, closed-loop system.

How Easy is It?

It’s so easy! Many loving, caring people who want to compost don’t have time, energy, or space to maintain a healthy compost pile at their home. Others, esp. condo and apartment dwellers have nowhere to do it at all. For those who have tried it, it may seem like more trouble than it’s worth. That’s where Santa Cruz Community Compost Co. comes in! When you sign up, you get a streamlined solution that helps you protect a valuable resource, reduce your household’s waste footprint, keep your trashcan cleaner, and support a local farm that can put food right back on your plate.

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