How It Works


What Do We Do?

Santa Cruz Community Compost Co. is a bicycle-powered, community oriented, compost collection service.  You put your food scraps and other compostables into the bin we provide and we’ll pick it up via cargo bike and deliver it to a local urban farm.  Simple.

By bicycling your compostable waste directly to a local urban farm we are reducing stress on local landfills, reducing harmful methane emissions, enriching local soils and supporting your local food shed.  Because we use cargo bikes, we can do all of this quietly and efficiently without any added carbon emissions.

Want to see what’s possible?  Check out this successful project in Austin, TX: East Side Compost Pedallers

How Much Does it Cost?

Weekly doorstep-to-farm compost collection is available for $5 per week

*Extra buckets for the same address are 1/2 price

What Do I Get When I Sign Up?

When you Sign Up you will get:

1) A snazzy, green,  5-gallon collection pail with an easy-to-open, air-tight lid

*Made from 100% recycled plastic*DSCF8391

2) A convenient laminated list of compostables attached to the bucket for easy reference

3) Weekly collection of your compostable waste and delivery to a local urban farm

4) Weekly bucket cleaning

5) A full report of your local impact including how much waste and methane your household has diverted from local landfills

6) Enrollment in our Community Rewards Program that allows you to use points you earn through using our service to redeem gifts and services from local businesses or simply get some of the finished compost for your yard.

7) The super duper good feelings that start to grow when you know you are: reducing waste–reducing greenhouse gas emissions–growing food–supporting your local community–keeping our riders in shape!

Happy Composting!


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