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Santa Cruz Community Compost Co.!


We know you’ve been wanting residential compost collection and we’re here to help.  We get your compostables out of the landfill and into the local food shed.  And we do it on bikes!


 Bicycle-powered, residential compost collection service has begun for Westside, Live Oak, Midtown/Seabright and Downtown!

Weekly collection and bucket cleaning is only $5/ week!


Or, send inquiries to santacruzcompost@gmail.com


  1. Santa Cruz Community Composting Company comes to our offices each week and allows the New Teacher Center to compost paper towels, coffee grinds and food scraps. We love being able to redirect waste from the landfill and turn it into living soil. Thank you Ivy and team!

  2. We are so thrilled to have Ivy putting our compost system to more use here in the Life Lab Garden Classroom on the UCSC Farm! With her extra care our system is hot and alive. And our worm bins are also benefiting:-) Glad to be working with you Ivy!

  3. Santa Cuz Compost, bicycle powered, diverting waste, generating compost and soil, and bringing a wonderful service to our community. And it’s bicycle powered!

  4. Great value for the service provided! In a lot of neighborhoods in the S.C. area it’s tough to get a proper pile going without attracting the attention of other home owners. On top of that it takes consistency and expertise to make the end product compost that Ivy does! The rewards program seals the deal and helps make your costs, like your kitchen disposals, net zero!

  5. Santa Cruz Community Compost is amazing! It’s the easiest composting I’ve ever done and I even earn reward points depending on the weight of the bucket at the end of the week. It is a win win. Thank you to the team that makes it possible!

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